Updating image linux 2 6 32 9

02-Sep-2017 14:29

A package lands in the repository at a certain point of time before the official release of a Ubuntu version.After that, Canonical may decide to add a new version to the repository, especially if there is a security-critical update in the new version, or if a new kernel requires some packages to be recompiled. For most packages though, development goes on, but nobody adds the new versions to the repository of the current Ubuntu version.This made userspace applications vulnerable toexploits that would have been otherwise blocked due to non-executablememory protections.(Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was not affected.) (CVE-2010-1451) Dan Rosenberg discovered that the btrfs clone function did not correctlyvalidate permissions.A local attacker could exploit this to gainaccess to files, leading to a loss of privacy and potential privilegeescalation.

Chances are that somebody wrote a new version, but nobody updated it in the official repository, so apt doesn't know there is a new version.(CVE-2010-1173) Mario Mikocevic discovered that GFS2 did not correctly handle certainquota structures.A local attacker could exploit this to crash thesystem, leading to a denial of service.(But be prepared to use non-official repos or go completely FOSS, because they don't have stuff like n Vidia drivers in the official repo).

So running that command will update the ddd package?The Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel is custom-built by the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel team to ensure its integrity and compatibility with supported hardware.